Valentine’s Day Treats for Yourself Because You’re Worth It!

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By Katie Johnson

Valentine’s Day may be all about couples, but it seems like a better day than any to practice self-love, whether you’re in a relationship or not! I know that gifts are pretty commonplace for couples, but why can’t the same go for singles?

No need to skip the holiday just because you’re not paired up. In fact, some of the best gifts in life are actually the gifts we give to ourselves. After all, who knows better what you want/need than you? It’s common knowledge that small rewards throughout any journey, including weight-loss, can keep you feeling strong and satisfied. Holidays, especially ones that revolve around love, should include rewards for everyone involved.

In need of a massage, why not go get one? Mani-pedi? Hit the salon! Don’t wait to give back to yourself—Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to reward yourself now! Here are some great suggestions for self-rewarding gifts you can give yourself this February 14th.

Dinner with a Friend

So this one doesn’t actually have to be on Valentine’s Day—but tis the season to find a fun Valentine! (Even if that Valentine is a friend.) Why not exchange a card with a friend for fun, or head out to grab dinner or some frozen yogurt? I know I’d appreciate the gesture; I’m never too busy for a girl’s night!

Any Sort of Salon Procedure

It may seem overplayed, but I had to mention it! A new hairstyle, manicure, facial or massage can be just what the doctor ordered. If you rarely get the chance to spend time at a professional salon, the pampering is second to none.

A New Book or Movie

Whether you’re a reader or a watcher, the perfect small gift for Valentine’s Day should be a treat to a new book or new movie you’ve wanted to see.

A Fun New Outfit

Buying new clothes can be a great stress reliever. Retail therapy anyone? On top of that, giving yourself permission to buy an entire outfit is an incredible feeling! Whatever your style of dress, there’s an outfit out there with your name on it! Whether it’s for work, the gym, or a night out, you’ll feel your spirits lifting when you get to put on the new pieces.

A Day On the Town

Is there a museum or park you’ve wanted to see? No time to see it? Grab some buds or head out alone to spend a day doing what you’ve been putting off! Fun days like these should happen more often. Make Valentine’s Day your day to start.

Gift Card

It may sound crazy, but I love buying myself certain kinds of gift cards. Whenever I want to buy some music online or make a purchase on Amazon, I always seem to talk myself out of it by telling myself it’s too expensive. When I already have the gift card, it’s free reign to spend that money! Keep a balance on my iTunes account, or have a coffee gift card waiting for my next purchase. That one stop at a coffee shop on the way in to work can brighten my day for a whole week! Give it a shot. I’m sure you’ll love it!


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