Feed the press is one of Catherine’s favorite mantras. And, she’s always happy to cook for journalists, bloggers, magazines, TV, radio, whatever. So, if you live near her in the Bethesda, Maryland area, or you happen to be passing through, please contact her directly. No kidding! She is happy to share recipes, travel stories, and cooking tips, along with a meal.

If you’d like more information about nutrition, Elaine is always thrilled to share her knowledge as well. Please contact her directly with questions, for expert advice, or with new ideas.

Here are some contacts for press, sales reps, and anyone else interested in book information and sales. If you would like to reach Catherine or Elaine, click here.

The Calories In Calories Out Cookbook

Anne Rumberger | Publicity, Marketing, and Sales Manager | The Experiment

Tel: (212) 889 1659 ex. 10 |

Eating for Pregnancy and Eating for Lower Cholesterol

Lissa Warren | Senior Director of Publicity | Da Capo Lifelong

Tel: (617) 252 5212 | Website

A Year of Russian Feasts

Catherine Jones, Jellyroll Press

Tel: (301) 283 8703