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Calorie Awareness: Focus on Lifestyle Not Dieting

We’re all about promoting calorie awareness and healthy home cooking, not never-ending dieting. Award-winning cookbook author Catherine Jones and leading dietitian/nutritionist Elaine Trujillo, MS, RDN, deliver an essential repertoire of 200 delicious, low-calorie, healthy recipes tailored for busy families and individuals. Think of the foods you most love to eat—you’ll find them in The Calories […]

Make Sense of Calories In and Calories Out and Know Your Daily Calorie Needs

Calories In and Calories Out and the Share Your Calories Nonprofit Project are thrilled to announce their partnerships with The Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation (HWCF), formed in 2009, a CEO-led organization whose national, multiyear effort is designed to help reduce obesity, especially childhood obesity. In just five years, HWCF members have already removed 6.4 trillion […]

Authors Advocate Calorie Awareness and Calorie Balance

At the 19th Annual Baltimore Book Festival, held from September 26 to 28, hundreds of authors, book sellers, and publishers convened at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor to share their works, philosophies, and even some great food on ten different stages. Catherine Jones and Elaine, Trujillo, MS, RDN, authors of The Calories In, Calories Out Cookbook, helped […]

Calories In, Calories Out: Which Side of the Energy Balance Equation Outweighs the Other?

Catherine Jones and Elaine Trujillo, MS RDN, authors of The Calories In Calories Out Cookbook(The Experiment, 2014), espouse the idea that effective weight loss and maintenance come from knowing both sides of this equation. Their critically-acclaimed new book, showcasing 200 delicious low-calorie recipes, gives readers both the calories in and calories out values. It’s the […]

Five Ways to Prevent Weight Gain During the Holidays, Including Counting Calories

Catherine Jones and Elaine Trujillo, MS RDN, the authors of The Calories In, Calories Out Cookbook(The Experiment, 2014), offer five tips to keep the pounds off this holiday season. The first and most effective way is to journal, either with a weight-loss app or the old-fashioned way with paper and pencil. Apps will automatically track […]

Calorie Awareness: Recent Research Findings Show Positive Effects of Labeling Calories In and Out on Teens and College Students — Effects Could Apply to Cookbooks Too

Catherine Jones and Elaine Trujillo, MS RDN, authors of The Calories In, Calories Out Cookbook (The Experiment), were ahead of the game when they decided to add a “calories out” value to each of the 200 recipes in their book. They give values for the average amount of time men and women need to walk […]

New Menu Labeling Regulations By FDA Are A Huge Step in Calorie Awareness

This FDA ruling is the next step in the long-awaited implementation of the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s national requirement for all restaurant-type chains of 20 or more establishments to clearly post the calorie information for each standard item on their menus or menu board. The FDA’s menu labeling initiative is in line […]

Labeling “Calories In” and “Calories Out” Plays a Positive Role in Food Choices Among Adults and Children

Calorie labeling is the new trend, and it looks like it’s here to stay. As calorie awareness increases among the general population — with the use of weight-tracking apps and other devices and menu postings — the public is beginning to expect this information on all foods. The authors of The Calories In, Calories Out […]

A Recent Study on Obesity and Genetics in Nature Shows a Stronger Correlation Between the Two, But Calories Still Count Say Calories In, Calories Out Cookbook Authors

A new study published in the journal Nature found that genetics plays a bigger role in the development of obesity than was previously thought. Researchers from the University of Michigan unveiled the results of a genome-wide association study looking at body mass index (BMI), a common measure of obesity, in close to 400,000 individuals (Nature, […]