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Toasting Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are essentials in my kitchen … especially walnuts, almonds, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, and pecans. I use them in my cooking and baking, and over the years, I’ve learned a little time-saving tip I’d like to share: Toast and freeze your nuts in advance, that way, they’re ready when you are, especially […]

Skip the candy this Valentine’s Day … a thoughtful gift can be just as sweet!

By Katie Johnson It’s like second nature: you pick out a Valentine’s Day card, pair it with some chocolate or candy hearts, and BAM! Instant Valentine’s Day gift. Come gift exchange time, you basically end up swapping sweets, leaving both you and your significant other in calorie overload, all in the name of “celebrating” love. […]

Post-Workout Hunger and Why Men Lose Weight Faster than Women: A Look at Physical Activity, Appetite, and Hormones

We all know that life is not fair. One way it’s particularly unfair is the fact that men are able to lose weight faster than women. Why does this happen? Here’s a study involving physical activity’s varying effect on appetite in men and women that may shed some light on the answer. To start with […]

10 Tips to Get Your Kids Eating Healthy Foods This Holiday Season

By Katie Johnson With the holiday season upon us, our minds turn to memorable food traditions, time-honored recipes, and delicious treats! All this wonderful magic happens in the kitchen, where warm conversations, love, and cooking intersect. New research shows that the magic of cooking with kids extends beyond the kitchen to kids embracing healthy food […]

Cooking Tip: 5 Tips for Roasting and Grinding Spices for Intense Flavor

Trust me on this one. Toasting and grinding whole spices, such as cumin and coriander, seeds will transform your cooking from flavorful to mind-blowingly fantastic. It admittedly takes a bit more time and effort in the kitchen, but the results are well worth it. And, here’s the really great news: spices have almost zero calories, […]