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  • World’s Best Festive Margarita Punch Recipe from Guess Where? The Calories In, Calories Out Cookbook!

    What happens when you mix fresh lime juice, fresh orange juice, limade, water, tequila and Cointreau? Margarita Magic! These festive margaritas are the gift of Ernie Renda, Elaine’s brother-in-law. Being married to a Mexican-American, Elaine travels frequently to Mexico. She has tasted many (many!) margaritas (she’s willing to admit!). This one tops them all, she […]

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  • Coffee Lovers Have Reason to Celebrate! Grab a Cup and Read This Latest News

    Coffee lovers have reason to rejoice. Yes, you! Sipping your third cup of coffee before noon. The Scientific Report of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee released last week the news that moderate coffee consumption is okay, and maybe even more than okay. Grab a cup of hot coffee and read on. Potential Benefits of […]

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  • Zumba for Calories Out and a Serious Cardio Blast

    Calories Out with Zumba 1 hour can burn between 500 and 1,000 calories.  Zumba – it’s hotter than hot, especially in the calorie-burning category. One hour typically burns 500 to 1000 calories. Yowse! Kill calories fast! If you want a detailed calorie burning menu check out this site: http://caloriesburnedhq.com/zumba-calories-burned/ If you’re new to Zumba, you […]

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  • The Incredible Egg Is Back! 75 Calories Packed with Nutrients

      We’ve got good news to share about a beloved breakfast staple – eggs! Once shunned as being a cholesterol nightmare, eggs are back, and back in a big way. Why the sudden shift in popularity? The Atlantic Magazine spells it out quite plainly in regard to The Scientific Report of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines […]

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  • Valentine’s Day Treats for Yourself Because You’re Worth It!

      By Katie Johnson Valentine’s Day may be all about couples, but it seems like a better day than any to practice self-love, whether you’re in a relationship or not! I know that gifts are pretty commonplace for couples, but why can’t the same go for singles? No need to skip the holiday just because […]

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  • 50 Shades of Sweets for Valentine’s Day

    Love is in the air. Sweets abound for the sweet. Here are 50 shades of sweets, from conversation candy hearts and marshmallow chocolates to tiramisu and cake pops. Calories In and Out included to keep your diets on track (or not!). Happy Valentine’s Day!   Sweet Calories In Calories Out (measured in minutes) Woman Man […]

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