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  • Homemade Apple Chips

    After writing about snacking, I got hungry, so I decided to try a recipe from Snack Girl to the Rescue, by Lisa Cain. The Apple Chips called out to me, largely because who can resist baked apples sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon? The verdict: yum! Two things to keep in mind for success: Make sure […]

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  • 3 Snacking Tips, Plus 20 Healthy Snack Ideas from the “Snack Girl”

    Snacking is a daily habit for most people. You get hungry, you reach for a quick bite of something. Sometimes you think about what you’re putting into your mouth. Other times you don’t. One thing to remember is that snacks contain calories — and some are loaded with them. If you are trying to maintain […]

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  • 20 Perfect Holiday Gift Ideas for the Person Who Likes to Cook and Stay in Shape

    By Katie Johnson. What do you get for that person on your holiday gift list who: 1) has everything, 2) is health fanatic and loves to cook, and 3) lives in the gym or on their yoga mat? Every family’s got one—the “health nut.” But you don’t have to be an all-star athlete to enjoy […]

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  • 5 Holiday Desserts that Won’t Break Your Calorie Bank and How to Burn Them Off

    December is glorious. Sugar-crusted muffins for breakfast, Gingerbread cookies with a morning coffee, sticky date pudding for Christmas dinner, and boozy drinks at the office party all ring in the holidays with great cheer. It’s exciting, warmhearted, and fun! On the other hand, these delightful indulgences can also create rings in not-so-welcome places, like around […]

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  • 10 Tips to Get Your Kids Eating Healthy Foods This Holiday Season

    By Katie Johnson With the holiday season upon us, our minds turn to memorable food traditions, time-honored recipes, and delicious treats! All this wonderful magic happens in the kitchen, where warm conversations, love, and cooking intersect. New research shows that the magic of cooking with kids extends beyond the kitchen to kids embracing healthy food […]

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  • 13 Ways to Burn Off Your Holiday Indulgences with 300-Calorie Exercise Blasters

    We all know that oh-man-I’m-stuffed feeling of overindulging during the holidays, starting with the feast of all feasts, Thanksgiving. It’s a long holiday season, and the good news is that it does not have to derail your weight-loss plan and progress. In fact, you might find that with a conscious effort to step up your […]

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