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The Calories In Calories Out Blog

  • Vinaigrette Recipe for Artichokes

    It’s time to share my delicious vinaigrette recipe for artichokes – and any other vegetables from steamed green beans to grilled zucchini. It a simple recipe that will become part of your spring repertoire. My favorite way to serve large globe artichokes is steamed or boiled, cooled, gently pried open to look like a blooming […]

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  • 8 Tips to Fend Off Food Pushers & Avoid Calories

      By Katie Johnson We’ve all been there—in the middle of a dinner party with plates of “special occasion,” “just this once,” and “grandma’s special recipe” being shoved in our faces. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably heard a variety of these small, but persuasive comments from so-called “food pushers.” With hundreds of calories […]

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  • Cod Mediterranean-Style

    Looking for a simple fish dish that sure to please even the pickiest fish eaters? Try this stunningly delicious cod recipe.  “Mediterranean” here refers to the extra virgin olive oil, oregano, Kalamata olives capers, tomatoes, and fresh herbs—all wonderful healthy ingredients to cook with. This sauce works with well any fish, shellfish, white meat, or […]

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  • Calories Really Do Count!

      Calories are on everyone’s tongue – no pun intended, but they are. So, should they be counted? You bet! The fact that there is even a debate around increasing calorie awareness, sparked in part by the launching of the proposed upgrade to the Nutrition Facts label, is somewhat shocking, especially in the U.S. where […]

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  • Fabulous Festive Margarita Punch

    What happens when you mix fresh lime juice, fresh orange juice, limade, water, tequila and Cointreau? You get Fabulous Festive Margarita Punch! This festive margarita punch is the gift of Ernie Renda, Elaine’s brother-in-law. Being married to a Mexican-American, Elaine travels frequently to Mexico. She has tasted many (many!) margaritas (she’s willing to admit!). This […]

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  • Coffee Lovers Have Reason to Celebrate! Grab a Cup and Read This Latest News

    Coffee lovers have reason to rejoice. Yes, you! Sipping your third cup of coffee before noon. The Scientific Report of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee released last week the news that moderate coffee consumption is okay, and maybe even more than okay. Grab a cup of hot coffee and read on. Potential Benefits of […]

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