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  • Diabetes Corner: The Booming Diabetes App Market, Could One of These Help You?

    A quick Google search for apps for diabetics pulled up over 1,000 on the market. Wow! Who knew? So, is this good news? Yes, we definitely think so, especially since almost 30 million Americans have diabetes today. But, we also caution people to research the apps and make sure they choose one (or more) that […]

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  • Happy First Birthday to the Calories In and Calories Out Blog! Book Giveaways!

    Dear Readers, We are thrilled to celebrate our first year of blogging. It’s been quite a journey. Wow! Catherine is the main blogger, so this letter is personalized from her … Hi Everyone! If you had told me a year ago that I would be blogging twice a week while keeping up with the rest […]

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  • Calories Out: Jumping Rope

    Embrace and love your body. It’s the most amazing thing you’ll ever own. Burns 10 to 14 calories per minute, depending on the rate you jump Remember those childhood days of jumping rope on the school blacktop, in the gym,  or on the sidewalk. Well, bring them back! You’ll quickly see why jumping rope is […]

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  • Chicken and Rice Stove-Top Casserole

    Nothing spells home cooking quite like chicken and rice cooked in a casserole! This recipe is from The Calories In, Calories Out Cookbook. It clocks in a 371 calories per serving. As I mentioned in the headnotes of the recipe, brown and white rice have different cooking times and require different amounts of water. You […]

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  • Nutrition Tip: Is it true that if I drink lots of water I’ll lose weight faster?

    This is one of the Frequently Asked Questions in Appendix section of The Calories In, Calories Out Cookbook. And, here’s the answer from author Elaine Trujillo, MS, RDN.  The short answer is no, sorry, but please do keep drinking water. There are lots of benefits to drinking water, although faster weight loss is not one […]

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  • Cooking Tip: How to Make Perfect Whipped Cream Every Time

    Freshly whipped cream is the ultimate companion to a bowl of sweet juicy summer berries … and a soul mate to many other things as well, including Belgian waffles, fruit cobblers, crisps, pies, and buckles, or maybe even a piece of decadent chocolate cake! Because we’re all about calories at the Calories In and Calories […]

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  • Walnut Spice Coffee Cake with Maple Glaze

    I love this moist yet light coffee cake, mainly because I love walnuts and spices. The maple glaze is amazing, and really makes the cake, but it’s a splurge, so if you’re cutting back on calories, best to omit it and just dust the finished cake with confections’ sugar. I serve this cake for coffees, […]

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  • Shopping Tip: Kitchen Sponges: When to toss and buy new?

    At first, I was of two minds to post an article on sponge safety until I started doing a bit of research. When I read the following words on WebMD, I decided to share my shock. “Kitchen sponges are the No. 1 source of germs in the whole house. Why? The moist, micro-crevices that make […]

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  • Be healthy and happy! Media Buzz!

    We’ve officially launched The Calories In, Calories Out Cookbook with a bang! We are working closely with The Lippin Group in LA and NYC to spread the word about our awesome book that we guarantee will change the way you eat and cook.

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The Calories In Calories Out Book

Awesome Praise for The Calories In Calories Out Cookbook

The Calories In, Calories Out Cookbook provides clear, use-friendly guidelines and tips for anyone interested in adopting a healthier lifestyle. A real winner!”

- Kathy McManus, M.S.,R.D., L.D/N, Director of the Department of Nutrition, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA 

This book presents an incredibly practical tool that will help people understand what really matters when it comes to attaining and maintaining a healthy body weight. Very few people think in calories, but everyone can understand what 30 minutes of jogging entails!”

- Suzanne Dixon, MPH, MS, RD, Health & Nutrition Consultant, The Health Geek, LLC,

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